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  • Shahnameh

    Inspired by the rich traditions and celebrations of nobility, courage and generosity laid out in the jewel of ancient Persian literature, The SHAHNAMEH, or Epic of the Kings, is a unique branded entity created by the House of SEFAM to cater to the aesthetically heightened, sartorial sensibilities of the dynamic and quality conscious eastern male.

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  • Working Woman

    The Pakistani working woman leads multiple lives and is constantly switching roles. And as she sets out to conquer her dreams in her workspace - be that at home or at the office - The Working Woman’s trouble-free philosophy of simple, subtle, and sensible enables her to cleverly navigate through challenges and past challengers. She makes the necessary sacrifices to keep this balance because she realizes something that others do not. She has the foresight to see that the future is here; the future is bright; and it belongs to The Working Woman.

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  • Kayseria

    For us at Kayseria, tradition and modernity are inextricably linked, and this is what we try to show through our designs. Our inspirations are drawn from all over the world and we bring them under one roof to show you that beauty is universal. And so, time and again, we push the boundaries of what is possible in print, embroidery & embellishments. Every single one of our designs is individually crafted with an intricacy of detail that is unmatched. Indeed, we literally use our fabrics as canvasses upon which we paint works of art.

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